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Welcome to BASXCS

I gotta tell you all...I have been a real busy little girl lately. Between college, work, and
other misc things (Yes Dana, I know I'm addicted to The Sims 2).

First of all, you will see a lot of areas with missing pictures. I have yet to get to that
part of uploading and making. Right now there are only a few pictures outside of the
X-files. But every picture from Xfiles Shippers is here. There will be new pictures
going up as soon as I get a chance. So, enjoy what I've got up and I hope you'll be
looking forward to what is to come!

Also, the Stargate area is being redesigned and has a link to the Atlantis area. I'm a
little surprised that I haven't gotten to that one either. I LOVE this new show and hope
the second season will be as good as the first! It will soon have it's own section with every
great character! (Gotta love that John Sheppard!) This may cause a slightly minor updated
website version to come soon.

The past couple of years have been amazing! For example checkout my pictures!!

Starfest 2004
Michael Shanks (Daniel Jackson)


Starfest 2005
Dean Haugland (Langly)


Tony Amendola (Bra'tac)

Yep...real busy...

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