What I Want In A Man

There is something about being in a relationship that totally throws a person off. I mean I know what I want. But sometimes it's hard to tell someone. The things I dream about are so easy to list off at certain times. Eventually I know I'll find this…but it seems like forever getting there. Anyways, here's the list so far.

I want someone who will:
1. Turn on "our" song and pull me away to dance no matter what I'm doing.
2. Will make decisions (like grab my hand and hold it when were walking, pull me in for an unexpected hug, or demand that I spend a little time with them).
3. Will know how to read my moods. In other words, know when I want to be serious or know when they've gone to far.
4. Sometimes you need your buttons pushed. That's all there is to it.
5. Who won't let me close up inside myself. Won't let me pull away when I get scared. Will help me break away that wall of distrust I feel with everyone in my life.
6. Can have an intellectual conversation once in a while. There are times when I have had more fun discussing psychology all night then getting down and dirty.
7. Who will let me talk for hours on end without saying a word except "I understand" or "yes".
8. Someone who will not talk pervertedly during sex unless I want them to. There is nothing that kills the mood more then some guy telling me how turned on I am to the touch. Yes, there are instances when that is just a truly sensational experience…but others it's nice to just relax in the mood.
9. Who will give me one truly sensational romantic moment each time I'm with them. Whether it's telling me that I take their breath away by them just looking at me or telling me that I make them feel like they're a teenager again because they get turned on by just looking at me.
10. Who will treat me like I'm the most precious thing in their life. Despite everything…I need to be fawned over just once in my lifetime.
11. Who will teach me how to enjoy sex more. To this day, after what happened to me when I was younger (will NEVER approach this on the site), I have had problems trying to figure out what it is that makes it completely enjoyable. And believe me…I've tried to find it on my own. It's just not there. Maybe that's why it's been forever since I've been with a man.
12. Who doesn't care if I cut my hair or not, knowing how much of a hassle it can be to have long hair.

That's about it for right now. I know it's not much…but I also know that I need these things to have a happy and full lifetime. I've been through much in my life. I know that whatever man I eventually end up trying to have a relationship with will help me with these things. If not, then I'm not with the right person.