Everyone makes mistakes. We all know that. Hell, to Err is human.

Problems, my week has been full of them. I've screwed up quite a few things but to be honest. I realized later that I did it and apologized.

To bad people can't take an apology.

You know what's funny? These guilt trips that people lay on you can really harm your psyche. You want to do right and still you make mistakes that only have people becoming more of attitude problems with a new twist. They assume things about situations that are never quite right.

I guess I'm the screw up. Now it's a matter of fighting it and becoming a new person or moving on with life.

I've left a lot of things behind in life. People that pissed me off or hurt me, things that damaged my mind or tried to help it. Everything in my gut tells me when to move on or when to move ahead of these damaging properties.

Only this time I think it's just a notification that nothing is going to be like it was before. Right now it's not too big a deal. I think it would be if I didn't put forth such an effort to try and keep everything at peace. It's just too much for a single person to conceive of trying to do.

How has my life been going? Now that would be a first. Someone who asks and really wants to know.

I feel like I'm living in a huge bubble that is just ready to burst. Something that is just going further and further south. Aw damnit, who the fuck cares anymore? I give up trying to please other people. I want to live my life the way I want to live it.

I just don't give a shit anymore.