My Sisters

My sisters sometimes have these high hopes for me. There's nothing wrong with that. It just shows that they do care about me.

They also say I'm the creative one of the family. Now this, I have NO IDEA where it comes from. All of us are creative in our own way. All of my sisters have great qualities that would make them stand out in a crowd easily.

Lisa has this way of cheering me up. She knows just the right words to say to make me feel better about myself. She's brutally honest about the way things are in life. She gives me hope for a brighter future. She helps me face the world with my eyes open.

Dawn can write these incredible poems. She's always thoughtful of other people's feelings. She's very adept at showing how much she cares about the family. She has the same taste in movies as me. She has the same rather unusual sense of humor as me.

Rachel has always been the powerful one. She gets what she wants because she stands up for what she believes in. Rachel has always marched to the tune of her own drummer. She has an incredible talent for drawing and word manipulation.

All three of them are incredible mothers. They are beautiful inside and out. They stand up and fight for the injustices against their family and friends. They fight for the people that are mistreated and unloved.

My sisters are some of my best friends. They are always there for me whenever I need them. They listen when I need to talk and come to me when they have problems. I trust them with every being of my soul.

Growing up, you would never have thought we would turn out this way. They almost despised me up until I was ten years old because our grandmother spoiled me rotten. I remember knock down drag out fights where one or more of us even got physical enough to cause a few bruises.

We hid things form our parents when they went out of town. We watched out for one another. We blamed each other for fallacies best left forgotten.

But through it all we knew we could depend on one another. All it took was one phone call and we would be there. Pain, happiness, loss, and aggravation were met with open arms and understanding.

I love my sisters. If I had to tell them one thing other than I love them, I could only come up with a phrase I heard long ago. It's a phrase that ALWAYS stands out in my mind whenever I think of them.

"I'll be there."