Slobbery Kisses & Other Dating No-No's

There are some things in life that I truly loathe. I mean wholeheartedly to the point of revulsion. As an example: Slimy chicken (Chicken mixed in ANYTHING), cruelty, submissiveness, being too hot, eating right when I wake up, dirty computer or TV screens, and sports that interrupt shows I love.

Anyways, you get the point on that. My problems with slobbery kisses go way back. I have always hated kissing someone and coming away with a face covered in slobber. I don't know about anyone else, but it's plain disgusting to me.

I like a man who knows how to kiss. I like someone who doesn't try to swallow your whole head and take over your mouth while supposedly trying to make a situation more exotic. Let me tell you, IF I wanted to kiss something slobbery I'd go out and find a Saint Bernard and kiss that.

The whole thing just makes me shudder with revulsion and not want to kiss anyone ever again. In other words, only one word can describe my emotions about that.


If they are willing I'd teach them how to kiss properly…but most of them think they are the prince charming of kissing. Why bother telling them ANYTHING?

Anyways, another thing I found out about dating over the years. Some people just try way too damn hard! They push and push until you just want to tell them to go away. You hate even hearing their voice because you know it's going to spout something you just don't want to hear. Life is not all sunshine and roses.

I don't know about anyone else out there…but I have to say this. I DON'T WANT TO KNOW THAT YOU CRIED YOURSELF TO SLEEP THE NIGHT BEFORE! My ex-husband used to say that to me when we were dating, and the only thing I ever thought when I heard it.

Why are you telling me this?

I grew up next to a man. He was my very best friend, my first true love, and the only one I could trust. I can count the number of times I've seen him cry on ONE hand. Each time it was for something worth crying about. If he cried any other times…well he certainly never told me.

Yes he had weaknesses, but damnit! He certainly never told me about them. I discovered them over time. He didn't whine or bitch, and he certainly had enough to do so about! But off the subject of him for now (believe me there is something coming up on the site someday!).

I hate to hear about men crying. I don't cry that often. And when I do…well normally it's over something that just can't be helped. Actually, I can barely remember the last time I cried. It's been THAT long.

I'm not a crier. I don't want to hear about you crying. If you get the urge, then keep your mouth shut. Be a man and act like one. A woman wants to know that a man can and would do anything for her. That he will protect her to the very end. BUT she doesn't want to be told that. How's that for ironic? No, she wants to know it by just being around you. By spending time with you.

See the problem with saying something to a woman is that she has heard a lot of lies in the past. She doesn't want to hear you say something because she just can't trust you when you do. If you show it instead of saying it, then she'll know for certain.

I know men always think that nice guys finish last, but that's not really true. It's the ones who say things over and over and never show it. It's the ones that are all talk that finish last. Because inevitably a woman will walk away from the whole situation.

Another thing, don't point out things and bring them up at the dumbest times. There is nothing worse then throwing something a woman has said back into her face and doing it proudly. In an argument I can see it being done. But I'm talking everyday normal talking. A woman doesn't want to be reminded of the mistakes she's made, the comments she's said, or the emotions she feels. She KNOWS it already. She is living inside her head. NOT YOU.

Gosh, what a bitch session this turned into. Didn't intend it that way. I guess I just wanted to let out a few of the things that turn me off. There could be women out there that think totally different ways than I do. I haven't met any…but it's always possible.

I have really NEVER met another woman who doesn't like slobbery kisses either.

Who knows? Maybe this will help some poor hapless man whose trying to start a new relationship. There is always the cardinal rule though. Remember it and never forget it.

Spend the first three months getting to know a person, the next three months really getting to know the person.