Unusual Night Dreams

There's a certain distinguishment in everything we do. I think the human brain can only handle so much. After a massive amount of stress and trauma you tend to lose a little bit more of your sanity everyday.

I'm not saying that we're not resilient. That is another great quality in the human race. We are all able to adapt with everything around us. Only problem behind that is what was said in "The Matrix"…human beings tend to try to make their environment adapt to them. Just knowing that there is danger in the world can change your opinion of a person sitting next to you. It can also change your outlook on life.

My manager at work got into a discussion with me about reincarnation. We spent an entire day talking about it. Ever since then she's been lending me books on the subject. I don't know if I can possibly explain why this is so important to me. I can try and that's all that matters right?

In every life we choose who our parents are, we choose what difficulties we face, and we choose whom we are going to spend it with. It's hard to think that everyone I know is someone who was in my past life as well. Yet, it's funny how easily you can become friends with someone without even thinking about it.

I know what choices I make can affect every life I have after this one. I also know that the choices I've made in past lives are affecting how I live this life too. Ironically, for someone who only mildly believed in reincarnation, I am absolutely certain that it's real now. It's a belief that has captured my very thinking process and opened my mind to so many different possibilities. I can't believe reading one book changed my life and mind so drastically.

Okay, so you're wondering what this has to do with weird dreams right?

Well, that's easier to explain. For as long as I can remember I've had dreams that just totally blow other people's minds. I start explaining that I'm a man in my dream or that I'm in the dream with my family and friends, only they're not my family and friends, and I get the strangest looks.

My dreams are so very strange. Not only do they have situations that most people would never think of in a million years, but also they have absolutely no explanation as to where the hell in my mind they came from.

Take last night for instance. Here's the dream:

I'm at a house for a funeral. My grandmother has died and I know that I'm going to miss her enormously. She was the center of my world. She helped me out on so many different occasions. She helped guide me through most of life's obstacles. My grandmother was also incredibly wealthy. She was helping me to pay for collage. She raised both my sister and me.

She lived in a beautiful house that had a master bedroom set away from the rest of the house. It was placed on the opposite side of the pool. A unique set up if I've ever seen one. The house didn't look like any normal house either. It looked like something out of a Japan. Only the wall weren't made of this paper or material.

Her body is laid out on a pyre in the back yard. She is kept there for several days while we arrange the funeral. My sister and niece are staying at the house with me. She takes her old room. We have no other siblings.

There is a man with me who I have been seeing for a very long time. He begins acting strangely when we get to the house. As I am making the funeral plans, I get a feeling that I cannot sleep in my old room. If I do something terrible will happen. I look over to my old room and see a workman doing something to the outside of the house.

I ask the man I'm seeing what that workman is doing he the house. The man says that he hired the workman to fix up my room for something special. He wanted to surprise me, but didn't think I would notice the workman. I tell the man that I'm not staying in my room. I am sleeping in my grandmother's bedroom. The man tries to insist that I sleep in my own room. I am already really suspicious because he is acting strangely. I tell him again that I'm sleeping in my grandmother's bedroom and I will not change my mind.

Later, I am getting ready for bed. I'm walking around the room and I just know the man I'm seeing is somewhere in the room hiding from me. I know in my mind that he is there to rape me. It was the reason he hired the workman. The workman was to change my room so the man could easily abduct me. Because I didn't sleep in there, the man had to change his plans.

I begin to think it's all in my mind and I go to lie down. When I look at the ceiling the man is holding onto it and he drops down to my bed. He climbs onto me and tries to hold me down. I start to scream for my sister but my voice only comes out as a hoarse cry. I realize that my sister will not hear me unless I scream louder.

I begin to actually scream for my sister. My voice is louder then I've ever made it before. I try to figure out why the man has not covered my mouth but am thankful he hasn't.

I continue screaming my sisters' name and just know she is coming for me. She is coming to rescue me and I am not scared even though I am still screaming her name. I haven't really been scared this whole time.

It is the next morning and the man has been taken custody by the police. The police are looking around the house to see if anything else is suspicious. They find an escape tunnel built under my bed in my old room. It was made so that when opened, someone could tumble down a slide and run off without being noticed. The police explain that this man has done this three times before. All of the girls were found raped and murdered. I was the next on list.

So now do you see the unusual circumstances about this dream? Well, if you don't know me then I will explain some of it. My grandmother died in 1997. She wasn't rich and she didn't own a house. She could barely remember her own name much less mine. She had Alzheimer's Disease. I have three sisters. All of them have children and between them I have ten nieces and nephews (not of each, I mean total).

This wasn't a nightmare either. I don't remember being scared at all during the dream. I was more psychic than anything.

The way the house is set up puzzles me as well. Have you ever seen a hose that has a separate Master bedroom as well as another bedroom away from the house? The Japanese deco is interesting as well. I just don't understand how you can have a house with regular doors and windows set up in the same way.

So this is where my dreams start to really open up my mind. I used to analyze them. I gave up after having too many dreams of this sort. Instead I now look to see if maybe it is something I experienced in another time and another place.

Oh…and btw, if anyone wants to try to analyze that let me know. I'd be really interested in finding out what others think of it.

So this time I leave you with a wish and a good tiding.

Until next time…pleasant dreams.