The View

I have had my view on life changed many times over the course of 29 years. Never, in my entire life, has it so radically shifted as much as it has over the past three weeks. My mind has shifted so intensely that, even though I did not fear death before, I empathically do not fear it now.

When someone helps you open your eyes to new things, you are always grateful. I have been spending the past three weeks of my life analyzing and deconstructing things that once meant so much to me. It comes down to one factor.

I am perfect the way that I am.

No, I am not saying that I cannot improve one who I am or how well my life turns out. I am here to learn lessons and grow through time. I have my guides. I have my soul mates. I have a new purpose.

When I used to think about religion, it would literally give me shudders. Even though I have put my faith in witchcraft, I still doubted there was a god and that gods and goddesses really existed. No, I am not saying that I believe now. In fact, I believe even less in religion then before.

You see, I have found god within myself. Not only in me, but those around me as well. I believe that god is each one of us. In essence we are all god, as well as what I like to call higher powers.

This is so hard to explain in many ways. Bear with me, as I am about to repeat myself.

We are all born with the knowledge of what has happened to us before in other lives. We are born with people around us that have always been with us. We chose our parents, our lives, our difficulties, our relationships, and our triumphs. Everything is fate left up to free will. We make choices, but fate wins out in the end. Even if we do not come across a person that we were meant to know at a specific time, we will find them. When it seems that the right time has passed us by, we really are only following our destiny. It was not time to find that person. We affect everyone in our lives. We are guided by those higher then us. We help guide those in our lives. The effect we have on people is enormous. Even the people we pass by without saying a word to.

We have lessons to learn in each life. I know a few of my lessons right now. It may seem trite, but those lessons have opened my eyes to new reason for being here. The simple lessons in life are the seven deadly sins. We work through dispelling these emotions and thoughts. Only when we have learned to dispel those can we move on to another level. Harder lives are a sign that your soul wished to move further ahead by learning many lessons.

In analyzing my life I have found many things that just seemed to click into place over the past few weeks. The people in my past have become something of a stronger bond to me. I've learned that it is better to let go of hate and prejudice. Anger is not really an issue with me these days. I have never smiled so much or felt more comfortable about my life and my purpose for being here. I have never looked back at my past with so much understanding and desire to make things click into place.

I have never let go of old hurts and old friends so easily.

I hear a question coming on from many people. If I am so immersed in this then why are we human? Why have we chosen to be here instead of just staying in this enlightening place I've been talking about…in the middle where everything is so peaceful. Why do we choose to come back to the pain and torture? Why earth?

I do not believe that earth is the only place we have been. I do not believe that humans are the only species that exist. There is a whole universe out there that has many species and many different types of creatures that we can become. The universe has its limits and we are only in one place for the time being. We have been other places. We have known dragons, wizards, fairies, vampires, and superheros. There are other dimensions. We have traveled them and known what it is to be loved and cared for.

Many thought have occurred to me in the past few weeks. I have found that my obsessions with things now have a higher meaning. The TV shows. I do believe that these things that happen on TV are real. No not here…but somewhere out there.

Reincarnation is not a learned fact. I can understand if you do not believe in it. I can understand why and what your beliefs mean to you. Amazingly enough, I can understand why you would choose to hate me for believing in the things I do.