1.Why did you start writing fic?

I read a few fics about two years ago and was just blown away by them. I think I started with Syntax6 and Bonetree at first before I discovered "Tempest" by Missy Pennington, and OMG what a fic! Plus, I have always been interested in writing, and since my main interest is The X-Files, it made sense for me to write X-Files fan fiction.

2. Where are you from? How has your location affected your writing?

I'm from a little town in the southern part of Ohio. Honestly, I think it mostly just helped me to imagine bigger and better things to write about.

3. What all kinds of genre and pairings are you interested in reading?

Well, I'm an MSR kinda gal. I have a hard time reading anything that isn't MSR in nature. Every once in a while I venture outside the norm, though J I love sweet smut, rough smut, angst smut… boy, do I love angst! You give me a twisty plot with fighting and inner angst with lots of sex, and I'm one happy girl! I also really love well-done AU fics like Paracelsus by Prufrock's Love.

4. What kind of summary, keywords, pairing, etc. really gets your heart pounding before you even read the first line of the story?

The summary has to sound intelligent. I have to see something, even a single word that makes the fic sound believable. I don't like outrageous fic if it's not done in taste. I like questions in the summary as well.

5. What is your secret strategy for writing good sex scenes?

Be realistic and not overtly graphic. Making love and having sex are two very different things. When writing a love scene, it's good to keep the reader in touch with what the character is feeling emotionally as well as physically. When writing raw smut, the dirtier, the better! J

6. What causes you the most difficulty while you're writing a story?

Keeping true to Mulder and Scully. This should be the easiest thing in the world for someone who's writing X-Files fic, but it isn't. I have a hard time answering the "what would Mulder or Scully REALLY say here?" stuff. The thing about fic is that you get to tell your own stories, but you still have to use Chris Carter's Mulder and Scully, or at least as much of them as possible.

7. What advice would you give someone who is thinking about writing their very first fic?

Writing is a learning experience. Don't let bad reviews or the level of difficulty discourage you! The more you write, the better you get at it. If I didn't keep plugging away because of the few supporters I had, I would have given up after my first attempt. It's not easy, but I can guarantee that you won't regret doing it!

8. With the XF now over, how do you think that will affect youfanfic-wise? Do you think you'll still find the interest in it as much as you did when you first started?

Oh hell yeah! Actually, I think I am even more interested in it. If only I had the time to write like I used to, I'd be doing that right now! J TXF fanfiction will never die! NEVER!!

9. What music, if any, most inspires you to write? What do you like to listen to while writing?

That all depends. If I'm writing a love story, I like Billie Holliday, Frank Sinatra, Mozart, Bach, Beethoven… the list could go on. If I'm writing a dark fic, I like hard rock like Tool or Rammstein. Creed is also very insipirational.

10. Where do you get your ideas or inspiration?

Music, life experiences, old episodes. Daydreaming usually conjures up some good fic ideas!

11. Do you ever get writer's block, and how do you cope with it?

OMG, YES! I think it's probably in my genetic makeup, actually, lol! I have TONS of stories waiting to be finished, and because of writer's block, most of them probably never will. The only way I can cope is by walking away for a while, listening to music, generating ideas with friends, and making myself write. I don't really cope with it, and that's my problem! J

12. Why did you originally get involved with the X-files? How did the show catch your attention enough to keep you watching?

Well, I wanted to see the movie, so I watched it home alone on PPV one night and it scared the HELL out of me! I don't know why exactly, but I just couldn't handle the aliens. I then noticed how gorgeous a certain leading man is, began watching the show on FOX, and the rest is history…J PS. Since then, I have become numb to any and all horror flicks.

13. Have you found that your own relationships have altered your writing in any way? Has it helped it to become more detailed and thorough?

Oh yes! My relationships have been the driving force behind my writing since I realized that emotion was essential to writing. Detail is something that I am just learning about since I have found my source of good writing (love).

14. How much of a factor does characterization play in your stories? Do you find yourself drifting away from the original characters developed by ChrisCarter and developing them into something more your own?

Characterization is something that I always strive to get write. If I can't get Mulder and Scully to be at least most of the same Carter Mulder & Scully, I hang it up. IMHO, there's no sense in writing fanfiction that doesn't somewhat reflect the true characters themselves. So, yes, Mulder and Scully become my own, but I try hard to keep part of them the same.

15. What else would you like people to know about your stories?

I'm trying hard to write well. I admit that it's a learning process that I haven't completely mastered yet. It's rough to please everyone, so I'd just like to REALLY please a few. After writing a story, I think that if I am happy with it myself, that at least one other person will enjoy it as well. I can only hope that people are still reading, and will continue to read, what writers are still slaving over since the show's end.

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