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Jamie's Favorites

OutFoxed by Satina
Satina has this way about writing that I find truly mindblowing. Reactions and situations are written out so differently. Her way of throwing in a joke now and then works out beautifully. I loved this fic because it truly is unexpected. You don't know quite which way to go.

Weekend by Nichole
Nichole gives you a unique perspective on exactly what it is that makes a story original! Loved it!

Amnesia by XANTHE
I loved this story the moment I read it. I think a lot of it deals with the fact that I think Mulder does tend to talk too much at times (grin!). Xanthe did a great job on this fic and I recommend it to anyone who can handle the slash aspect!

Blame It On Orville by Det Fugazi
When I first met our dear Dana, she recommended this fic to me. I have been forever grateful for that! It's been one of my absolute favorites ever since that night we searched for fic online for the plane ride home the next day. It's incredibly well written and truly a unique storyline.

Caught In The Act by Parrotfish
One of the very first fics I ever read. I remember waiting for the parts to this story and just wanting Parrotfish to finish it so that I could see how it all turned out. This one is a must read!

Happy Birthday Love by Donnilee
Donnilee has to be one of my favorite authors. She has this way with words that will truly blow you away completely. Very detailed and perfectly graphic in just the right sense that your looking for in a good NC-17 fic.

The Deal, The Bait, Possibilities by Brenda Antrim :
This is the very first Slash fic I ever read. I never quite knew what to expect when I started down that avenue, but this one story truly opened a lot of doors in my mind. I never knew writing could be powerful until I read this one story. Check it out for your self!

I Don't Remember How It Happened by Merri-Todd Webster
I think I came across this one about three years ago. I think Skinner is just a hotty, so when I found a story that mixed Mulder, Scully, Krycek, and Skinner I was ecstatic. \I found a few that I will probably never read again, but I always come back to this. A truly masterful story.

Mulder And His Free Fucking Porn by Red
Scully slash with a kick. I remember reading this one and laughing. There's a hint of comedy, but I love it when Scully goes from being pissed at Mulder, to imagining herself with another woman.

Erosion by Annie Sewell-Jennings
I was not prepared at all for the emotional roller coaster that "Erosion" instilled in me. It's so heart wrenching. When Scully was debating about not going back to the ocean I was so frustrated and mad that she even considered the option. It was like I was a part of the story. Then with the words "It was their last summer." I was reaching for the Kleenex. (Working in a hardware store with lots of men and being a woman crying over fanfiction completely had everyone worried for my And above all I read this story and had a complete breakthrough. I honestly think it is one of the best works of XF fanfic that I have ever come across. Annie has incredible talent!!!!!!

Eleventh Hour by Rachel Anton
A very Heartwrenching and powerfully written story. I will never forget the first time I read this! In fact, I have recommended this story to a LOT of my friends. It's interesting to see how far and fast time can change everything.

Never by Allison Kinney
This is truly a classic in my mind. Never has there been a story that can make you laugh at M&S so well. It takes you by surprise at how their characters change within the confines of an undercover operation. A work of art.

Where There's a Will & There's a Way (Linked temp until finished. WIP) by Andrea
Andrea has proved that M&S married with kids can work. She has such a talent for writing this style. I am awaiting the second part, piece by piece. It's well worth the wait...and well worth the time of reading both! I would have to say this will be one of my all time favs FOREVER.

Dana's Favorites

A Butterfly in China by Nicknoc

You Better You Bet by Mare

Under My Skin by Flywoman

3's A Charm by Sage O'Neil & Ocean Summers

Two of a kind by Satina

Satina's Favorites

Ya Ya's by Adrienne
I love the episode, FPS, and I love a dominating Scully. I also love a horny, helpless Mulder POV with raunchy humor, so, hey, what's NOT to love about this hot little fic?

The Leap & Landfall by Ambress
Heartbreaking, hot, beautiful, happy ending smut with lotsa angst. I swear I nearly cried.

Platonic by Blueswirl
Wow. This is an incredible clever, intelligent and teasingly hot little discourse between our two favorite agents. I can read it over and over. I can really see them having this conversation, and that's what makes it work so incredibly well.

Acquitted & Encore by CindyET
CindyET's dry wit and excellent Mulder POV characterization blend with tasty smut to make for a story I have enjoyed multiple times.

After Eight by Dasha K & Plausible Deniability
Excellent storytelling, a fun and interesting plot, and of course, hot sex. They take an implausible situation and actually make me believe it. They also make me want to buy a magic eight ball.

Happy Birthday Love by Donnilee
I know it's already been recommended, and there's a reason for that! Mulder's confession to Scully actually made me breathless. This is just an achingly beautiful story.

Her Worst Enemy by Foxfire
The main linesfrom this story go through my head every once in awhile. It's just so...simple and yet complex at the same time.

"Who the fuck are you? Her husband?" A dangerous smile curled Alex's lips.

"Her worst enemy. And now that you've seen how her enemies take care of her, imagine what her friends would do." He motioned to the door with his gun.

Oh that passage just makes me lose it.

So Cruel by Isahunter
Starts out so sweet and innocent then WHAM...ScullyDom. Yummy!

Mutual by Jess
Again, I think I mentioned I love good 'bation fic and this is HOT. You got yer angst, yer 'bation, and you get both points of view. Just plain fun.

1-900-REDHEAD by Karen Graves
This is a clever little, short little frolic on the phone between M and S and I could read it over and over. Somehow, while being too hot to happen, it makes me believe. But then, I really want to believe.

Aphrodisia by Kristel St. Johns
Everything I know about BDSM I learned from this fic. It's like a responsible, thorough how-to manual written in a fictional style with the two people I most like to see get it on. WOW. At least give part one a chance if you're scared. Read the rest when you're ready.

Time Is Out Of Joint by L.C. Sulla
Pant, pant, pant...this is one of the hottest things I've ever read. Juicy noncon Scully/Krycek, ending with scorching MSR. This is respiration-altering every time I read it.

Good Vibrations by Lysandra
I love it when Mulder gets drunk and here the tables are turned! Scully is a LOT like me when I'm drunk and I really believe when I'm reading this one. You get Mulder POV and he should get the Novel Prize for gentlemanly conduct! And how did Scully end up with a drawer full of vibrators? You'll have to read this magnificently crafted story to find out.

Against The Wall by Melody
Whhhoooooaaah did it just get hot in here? The tension is palpable, the BDSM is subtle and the smut is fantastic. Another one that speeds up the heartrate every time.

False Assumptions by mimic117
There goes my blood pressure again! AngrySmut of the loving kind. Two pages into this story and I'm catching my breath.

Missing Scene from Duane Barry by Nicole B
Innocent Krycek with backstory being initiated into the ways of manlove by a confident Mulder. Delicious. I think about this one from time to time. I think I'll go read it again now.

Cherry Ripe by Rachel Anton & Laura Blaurosen
I just LOVE this. It's beautifully written with a strong Scully POV and a not too innocent but definitely not evil Krycek. This is the definitive Scully/Krycek by which I judge all others, including my own.

Cellmates by Savannah Black
Scorching, melting hot noncon between Krycek and Scully. Good God this is hot.

Playing Goddess by Shalimar
It does NOT get any more poetic and lyrical and beautiful than this. It just doesn't.

Germ Warfare by Suzanne Schramm & Terma99
Oh my God I cannot stop laughing while I read this fic! It sends me into hysterics EVERY time! This is so damn funny it's not fair!

Nichole's Favorites
Miraculous Manifestation by mountainphile
I absolutely loved this fic. The writing is amazing and the story line is brilliant. It's truly one of a kind and I enjoyed something new.

Waiting In Motion by mountainphile
A glorious return from "Miraculous Manifestation" that only deepens the suspense and continues the beautifully written romance.

Highland Tale by LeeLee & SeekerOne
I was hooked from the beginning and can't wait to see what happens next. - The definition of a really good fic. They have an amazing talent for merging fantasy with reality.

Hey You... by Paige Caldwell
Paige is my favorite author, everything the woman writes, I fall in love with. This fic is no exception. She has put a deep song into a deep fic, and it is so beautiful that it becomes a new song all together. Perhaps she should write lyrics as well...

Waiting Period by Eleanore
Just reading the first sentence of this fic will cause a chain reaction, starting in your brain, making your eyeballs read until they tear up from exhaustion! Eleanor can write.. and you must read!

Death Is Only The Beginning by Jamie Tanquary
Jamie has an AMAZING writing ability that I must say, I envy. I have never, in my entire life, sat up until 7:00 am reading fan-fic. But I could NOT stop! From the very first paragraph I was hooked, and I'm sure you will be too. This is by far, the best thing I have read in a long long time. I absolutely LOVE the angst.

The Way She Would by Laura Shapiro
I love the Mulder torture/angst in this story. It seems so realistic and comforting in a way. We all know that Mulder is only human right?

What He Deserved by Laura Shapiro
A great sequel to "The way she would". I was, in a word, shocked at the ending. A great read!

Abandon by Audrey Cooper
This fic combines the classic smut biscuit with an amazing love story all on the same page. It's everything you look for in a fic, so read it please!

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