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Well, it's time gang. The site will remain up but I will no longer be updating it. I appreciate everything that people have said and done for the gang and me to help it stay alive as long as it did.

Now don't go freaking out just yet. The site will remain up. Yes you read that right. The site is not going anywhere. I am just no longer updating it. I will however, if you have an unfinished story on the site, add on those parts to continue it until completion. I am also going to keep updating the author links page…though I will no longer check the validity of the old links.

You guys have been great. This site would not have been the same without the authors, writers, and even critics. The X-files would not have been the same without the fans. I would not have been the same. In truth, this site would have been gone about a year ago if the fans had not insisted on keeping it open. That is the main reason that the site is staying up.

So gang, I bid you a fond farewell. In one TV show we have managed to find trust, family, friends, and a positive outlook to the future. I thank you all for giving me the positive and negative images I have of fandom.

Thank you for the great memories!

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