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XRae : Peaks of Insanity

85 K / Category : MSR
Summary: Deeply affected while profiling a difficult case, Mulder reaches the limit of his mental endurance. How far is Scully willing to go to bring him back from the edge?

alvaradomccain : Christmas Begining

39 K / Category : MSR
Summary: What were those presents, and how did Christmas Day shape up for out two heroes?

diehard & ArtemisX5 : Day Tripping

43 K / Category : MSR
Summary: Life on the run and a change in attitude.

FatCat : Breeding Discontent

80 K / Category : MSR
Summary: Mulder and Scully are abducted and when they are returned, things have changed.

Donnilee : Mirror Image

80 K / Category : MSR
Summary: A knock on the head brings some unexpected results after Scully emerges from a coma at Mulder's urging.

Wylfcynne : By Touch

44 K / Category : MSR
Summary: "I just have this image in my head that I can't shake," she murmurs into my chest.

adara : Bittersweet Release

44 K / Category : MSR
Summary: "Scully?" One more whispered question. Slowly, unbelievably, she formed the words. "Yes, Mulder. We'll stay." She didn't dare look at him. She barely heard him over the music: "Oh, Scully..."

SubRosa : Gifts from the Heart

104 K / Category : MSR
Summary: Smut and angst, angst and smut. Scully and Mulder deal with the events of "The Gift."

Xaviera Nosferatu : The Workout

27 K / Category : MSR
Summary: Mulder works out his frustrations by pumping iron. However his unseen spectator, Scully, has another form of exercise in mind.

abracadabra : Cravings

56 K / Category : MSR
Summary: It's Mulder's turn to share his favorite dessert.

Shannon Kizzia : Love in the Jujubes

27 K / Category : MSR
Summary: Scully may be hornier than Mulder can handle.

Char Chaffin : Mistletoe Kissing on New Year's Eve

29 K / Category : MSR
Summary: Mulder spends a rather eventful Christmas Eve with Scully.

Trixie : Had I Only Known

22 K / Category : MSR
Summary: Well, the rest of the header should give that to you . . .

Donnilee : K is for Kismet

121 K / Category : MSR
Summary: Scully can't ignore this "thing" between them anymore and decides to make Mulder fess up about his feelings for her.

Nancy : Demonstrative

41 K / Category : MSR
Summary: A class lecture with some interesting results.

Gwendolyn : Crawl Space

23 K / Category : MSR
Summary: Mulder and Scully find themselves in a tight spot.

Avalon : OfficePlay

32 K / Category : MSR
Summary: Plot? Is there plot in smut? Well, OK...Scully receives an anonymous email that heats up the office for her and Mulder.

Lovesfox : Alarming Behavior

142 K / Category : MSR
Summary: Something terrible happens, can Mulder and Scully deal with it?

Shannon Kizzia : Just Fine

24 K / Category : MSR
Summary: In the aftermath of the big first time, Mulder and Scully figure out that it's really okay.

Donnilee : Cat Fight

90 K / Category : MSR
Summary: Scully loses her cool and fights for Mulder's honor, revealing more than she meant to. What will they do now?

Allison Kinney : Never

51 K / Category : MSR
Summary: No clever summary. Smut biscuit, pure and simple.

Frances Hartman : Wicked

46 K / Category : S/other, MSR
Summary: The answer to the eternal question, "What's in a name?" Mind candy of the somewhat verbal sort.

Satina : OutFoxed

82 K / Category : S/ Other, MSR
Summary: Scully has a new boyfriend. Mulder doesn't like him. Not all is what it seems. Smut ensues.

Melody : Against The Wall

36 K / Category : MSR
Summary:While out of town at a partnership seminar, the agents are asked to take a look at some strange rooms found in an old warehouse -- with surprising results.

Donnilee : T is for Token

108 K / Category : MSR
Summary: Mulder gets jealous, gets drunk and The Gunmen decide to see if they can help fate along.
Basic premise: I laughed so hard at this story. It was great. I love it when Mulder or Scully get drunk. PERFECT. Alphabet series.

LeeLee & Seeker One : The Curious Curse of Jenny Mullryne

150 K / Category : S/Sk
Summary: Skinner discovers that a sexual curse can ruin his careful exercise in direct supervision
Basic Premise: When I first read this story I was taken aback. Everyone knows me by now...but truly...this story was amazing. I started reading and couldn't stop. Then you have the whole S&M thing.'ll like it I guarentee.

Nicknoc : A Butterfly in China

202 K / Category : MSR
Summary: Scully and Mulder are confronted with the biggest shock of their lives....themselves.
Basic Premise: Well what can I say? This story will take you somewhere you never thought you'd go. The imagery is just incredible. READ IT if you haven't yet.

Andrea : Where There's a Will

Category : MSR
Summary: To save the family Mulder and Scully must get married. What neither one realizes is that they do love each other.
Basic Premise: Yep...glad it won. Even if it did beat out my I love this story. When I first saw it I knew after the first paragraph that I wasn't going to be able to put it down until I was finished reading it. I was right.

Lysandra : Good Vibrations

Category : MSR
Summary: Mulder finds Scully's stash.

T Bishop & Char Chaffin : Secret Fantasies

78 K / Category : MSR
Summary: The power of Fantasies.

If Alex Fell (contains all three parts) : Frohike

696 K / Category : K/Other
Summary: No Summary Availible
Basic premise: I like it when Krycek comes out as a good guy!

Beach Blanket Bingo : ScullyFu

41 K / Category : Scully
Summary: Dana gets overheated in the noon day sun. (Yes. I know, but there's a reason I use her first name.)
Basic premise: Good thing no one warned me about Really it was sooooo good!!!

No story this week. Had a nasty computer virus thing going on!

Carousel : Sue

160 K / Category : M/K/S/Sk Slash
Summary: A troubling effect of love and daydreams.
Basic premise: Throw everyone in the mix. Very good plotline!

Erosion : Annie Sewell-Jennings

225 K / Category : MSR
Summary: After being terribly defeated by the enemy, Mulder and Scully struggle to beat the game.
Basic premise: If you haven't read this story I insist you do so. The best work of
art I've seen yet!

I was not prepared at all for the emotional roller coaster that "Erosion" instilled in me. It's so heart wrenching. When Scully was debating about going back to the ocean I was so frustrated and mad that she even considered the option. It was like I was a part of the story. Then with the words "It was their last summer." I was reaching for the kleenex. (Working in a hardware store with lots of men and being a woman crying over fanfiction completely had everyone worried for my And above all I read this story and had a complete breakthrough. I honestly think it is one of the best works of XF fanfic that I have ever come across. Annie has increadible talent!!!!!!

Mutual : Jess

93 K / Category : MSR
Summary: Scully is caught doing something... erm... private. Mulder decides to let her know
the feelings are mutual.
Basic premise: The moment I read this story I knew it was great! So much smut and written so well.

I Don't Remember How It Happened : Merri-Todd Webster

294 K (novel) / Category : M/S/Sk/K Slash
Summary: Mulder must fight against the hold that Krycek has over him.
Basic premise: A very intricate story involving a lot of Mulder torture. Heartwrenching in the way Mulder can be seen to have some weaknesses that even Skinner and Scully cannot help with. This story shows that some things heal only in ways you can solve yourself.

No story this week. Sorry I was out in another state!

No story this week. Sorry I was out in another state!

Dasha K : Blinded By White Light

Novel / Category : MSR
Summary: What are we, but the sum of our memories?
Basic premise:When I first read this weeks story it brought me to tears. There is such a connection between Mulder and Scully. This story makes you see that connection so clearly. Not to mention that the way it all turns out makes you wonder how it all started. This story was incredible. The words weaving themselves into a truly heart wrenching story. A MUST READ for any shipper!

Ruby : Ary GH

186 K / Category : MSR
Summary: When your friendly neighbor psychopath starts killing redheads, Scully is
requested to go undercover ... as a stripper.
Basic premise: The very thought of Scully dressing up as a stripper was what got me for this one. Ary ended up with an extremly powerful story that shows the real understanding between M & S. As always it's good with the happy ending!

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